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Ninja Saga V 1.1.7.apk For android

Ninja Saga is a action adventure + Ninja Simulation game for android. Ninja Saga game very herb as a best-selling online game.  Ninja Saga V 1.17 is present in your android system. in this game we have to choose what kind of elements we use kana. increasing the level Kalin can learn tricks, animals, etc.. Other features you can create a character who plays against the evil enemy that you can buy armor, weapons, tactics, etc.. stages of the game starts genin (1-19), chunin (21-39), jounin (41-61), to special jounin (63-80)


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Size: 60 MB 

Download  Ninja Saga V 1.1.7 .apk For Android Now

Full Version
Category: Action, Adventure, Android, Sim/Tamagochi
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