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Download Game Harvest Moon For PC

Harvest moon is a Farm Simulation Game. You might remember the game harvest moon? This game had debuted in the playstation 1 era. As a writer, I used to be very fond of playing this game. Almost every day I always play it. Create a fellow who wants to reminisce with this game can directly Download Game Harvest Moon PC / Laptop via the link that has been provided below
The player's character has primarily been male, but some games offer the option to play as a female character. The most common is the storyline of the series: the player takes over a farm that no longer has an owner tending to it, grows crops, raise livestock, making friends with the town's people and creating a family while running a successful farm. Each game provides objects to collect or goals to complete, whether it is befriending villagers, collecting musical notes, finding sprites, making rainbows, or ringing bells. Money is Obtained by growing crops, raising livestock, fishing, mining, and foraging. With a limited time and limited energy, the player has to find a balance between the two in order to Accomplish their work for the day.
Crops are the primary source of income in Harvest Moon. In order for crops to grow the player must first clear the field from weeds, rocks, boulders, branches, and stumps. Then with a clear field, they must take their hoe and till the soil. Next, choose the seeds that you wish to grow and sow them where the soil is tilled. The player must continue to water the crop daily, but it is not required on a rainy day, and as time goes on the crop will be ready for harvesting. The player must find optimal planting, watering and harvesting patterns. They also must Consider the cost, sell price, number of harvests and growth at the time of the various produce available before planting. Each season has different crops available for planting, though in most games, nothing may be planted in winter, and in Harvest Moon crops could not be planted in fall. In some games, a greenhouse or basement can be used during the winter to grow crops.
In addition, Harvest moon, you can get married, have children, join the festival, join the race .. essentially, Come, Download game Harvest Moon For PC Full Version Now ....!!!!

System Requierment:

  • OS Windows XP / 7
  • Processor Pentium III @ 1 GHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 1 GB Free HDD Space
  • 32 MB Video Card with DirectX 9.0c


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Size: 55 MB 

Download Harvest Moon For PC Now

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